Protect your home from unwelcome visitors!

With a couple of simple security measures, you can protect yourself from a break-in. Police investigations have found that over a third of all break-in attempts fail because the houses or flats are well secured. Thieves like to help themselves and disappear as quickly as they can. Most break-ins are carried out by opportunists who open poorly secured doors or windows with simple levering tools.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from a break-in:

  • Security shutters by STOBAG provide your home with security from vandals. Burglars have no chance of getting into the house.
  • Burglars target houses and flats that are not well secured.
  • Mechanical safeguarding of doors and windows robs the burglar of valuable time and often leads to them giving up.
  • Older windows with only simple fittings can be reconditioned by a specialist.
  • A good additional lock with a sliding bolt on the front door protects you from uninvited guests.
  • Windows should not be left open to any extent when the house is empty.
  • Signs that the flat or house is unoccupied are to be avoided.
  • Avoid closed curtains, overflowing mailboxes or telling messages on the answering machine like "We're on holiday." Have your mailbox emptied regularly.
  • Have blinds go down or up and lights come on at irregular intervals (ask a friend or use a timer).
  • Install an additional timer for the lights