Freedom outdoors

If you want unrestricted use of your patio in any kind of weather and want to leave your garden furniture and grill outside during the winter, a glass patio roof is the perfect solution. But why? And what do you have to consider when choosing a glass roof?

First things first - no matter if as patio canopy or as a complete terrace roof, glass roofs are available in different versions for retrofitting: elegant aluminium with integrated glazing, a natural wood/glass combination or a solution incorporating steel elements. Suppliers such as STOBAG recommend that property owners use high-quality components made of powder-coated aluminium, laminated safety glass and an optional shading unit with high-tech textile fabric. These components provide effective weather protection as well as privacy, high stability and a long service life with low maintenance compared to wood solutions. Simultaneously, they stand for an award-winning design that will impress any architect.

A patio canopy offers more than just shade

As a landowner you probably regret not being able to use your outdoor seating area in the Winter and often not even in the temperamental Spring and it quickly gets too hot in the Summer. You can solve this problem by using a glass roof that combines many advantages.

A patio roof made of glass

  • represents a sunlit extension of the living space to the outside.
  • offers a high level of comfort year round.
  • offers protection against wind, rain and snow and consequently a high quality of stay and less susceptibility to renovation.
  • allows privacy protection by means of integrable modules such as vertical awnings.
  • Provides shade due to retrofittable textile shading.

What an impact on your attitude towards life and well-being! Think of the beautiful celebrations that you can plan in the future without hesitation. Even the perfect mood lighting can be ensured as quickly as possible. Integrated LED lighting makes it possible. But make sure that the lighting can be dimmed before purchasing. You can then stage your outdoor seating perfectly and react flexibly to the lighting conditions.

Glass roof over patio and seating area - modular construction is important

There is a rule of thumb that must be observed when deciding on a retrofit patio roof: a glass roof must be flexible and be modularly mountable so that it can be adapted to your needs. In other words, it should be possible to fit glass installation elements on the sides. This protects your seating area from wind, rain and breezes. Approaches are also being made to completely close a patio roof. This creates a so-called cold conservatory. The side parts can usually be opened in this case. In order to be able to adapt your seating area entirely to your needs, STOBAG is happy to recommend a multi-stage extension with side glazing and shading units. When deciding on a glass roof, it is therefore important to note that side glazing can also be retrofitted.

Sun protection for your patio roof

What the side glazing does to protect against wind, rain and breezes, the awning does to protect against heat. Whether North, East, South or West - the orientation of your outdoor seating area always determines the sun's rays and consequently the way in which the patio canopy will be used to provide shade. The easiest and most effective way to protect a glass roof is with a textile awning. Awnings are optimally matched to a glass roof in form, function and technology. Even large dimensions are possible. For a perfect visual effect, you can choose from a wide range of awning fabrics from manufacturers such as STOBAG:Whether monochrome, striped, subtle shades or bright colors - there are a wide variety of solutions that can be selected to match your patio furniture and the image of the glass roof. Good awning fabrics protect against strong UV rays and retain heat. Of course, there are also awnings for the side glazing - ideal for privacy and glare protection. Another huge advantage of lateral awnings: They accumulate heat during the day and do not let it escape in the evening. This keeps it comfortably warm under your glass roof for an extended period of time.

Perfect comfort: Automation and control systems for glass roof awnings

This raises the question of how best to control awnings in a patio roof system. Manually? Electric? Are sun sensors a good option? If you also want to protect an interior room from the sun with the shading, then a sun sensor is recommended to keep the living space cool. If the awning is only to be extended when the seating area is in use and when required, then manual extension or activation via a control unit such as smartphones or remote control is sufficient.

What should I consider when purchasing a patio canopy?

Purchase your glass roof from a qualified specialist dealer. He will be happy to advise you and respond to your individual needs. We have an answer for almost every requirement. Our STOBAG specialist dealers for example will analyze how the glass roof must be designed on your premises and will then, if necessary, arrange for custom-made products to be produced. The specialist dealer will also advise you on snow loads - a safety factor that should not be underestimated for all persons under the roof. The problem: a correct evaluation of the snow load limits is not so easy because many manufacturers only specify them for the actual frame construction. This means that the snow load for the glass must be calculated separately by a structural engineer. This cost factor must be taken into account when making your purchase. STOBAG has a clear customer orientation and takes a different approach: The snow load values given always refer to the entire glass roof, i.e. construction and glass.

By the way, specialist dealers usually also know what to do when it comes to building permits. Depending on the building regulations, you may need a permit for a glass roof over a patio or outdoor seating area because you are modifying your building. You will always receive legally binding statements from the responsible building authority. Please do not hesitate to inquire!

Complicated? Cleaning your glass roof

To enjoy the beautiful weather under your patio roof in the Summer, you should clean your glass roof regularly. But always make sure that you are well secured. The simplest cleaning method for a glass roof is a mixture of water and detergent. Put a piece of wood on the rafters and kneel on top. Then you can clean the glass panel by panel from top to bottom. For stubborn dirt you can also use a spray cleaner for car windows or add a dash of vinegar or alcohol to lukewarm water. The use of vinegar has a decalcifying effect and the scent keeps flies away. Leather rags and telescopes are also frequently used. Remaining water streaks can be removed using traditional dry newspaper. Please note: Aluminium parts should only be washed off with water and a soft brush. And the shading must be switched off, i.e. disconnected from the power supply, before cleaning. It is not complicated to maintain a glass roof for longevity and a beautiful lifestyle.

How may your new glass roof look? Ask our specialist dealers about a solution for you.