Your glazing system is dirty and it is about time they were cleaned? It is not always necessary to pay for expensive window cleaning services. You can clean your windows without it involving a great deal of effort.

Here is how

  • Do not clean the windows when the sun is shining on them. The sun's heat dries the glass too quickly and leaves ugly streaks.
  • Stubborn fly specks can be easily removed using rubbing alcohol
  • If the glass is very dirty, you can use an onion in place of a window cleaner - simply cut an onion in half and rub it over the glass. When the onion is dirty, cut off a slice and start over.
  • Are your windows smeary after cleaning? Simply wipe cold tea over them. Then you won't have any more problems with ugly streaks and smears.
  • Not all chamois leather is actually suitable for cleaning windows. It is important for the leather to be soft as, otherwise, it could scratch the glass. If you try to clean the window with stiff, hard leather there is a danger of damaging the glass.
  • To make your windows shine polish them with an old pair of nylon tights.
  • If you use an old newspaper to finish off, your windows will be streak-free.
  • In hard to reach spots, simply let nature give you a helping hand. When it rains, just spray a little detergent on the window. The rain will clean your window just as you would do.