Customer service is a top priority at STOBAG, and so delivering products is also very important and is therefore organised in close collaboration with the partner themselves.

Is this expensive service still relevant today?

Markus Horvath, CEO of STOBAG Austria GmbH shares his thoughts:

If you look at the market trends, you could get the impression that STOBAG operates a costly and time-consuming service. But if you look at it in practice, you can quickly see the advantages. The fact that logistics aren’t carried out by a haulage firm or anonymous shipping provider but by our own staff and a cooperation partner with a vehicle fleet can be attributed to STOBAG’s quality standards.
I see this as an investment in reliable and safe transport and as a direct connection with all customers. Our variant is certainly not a cheap version, but our trade partners trust and value this service.

Strong team

Robert is constantly on the go shipping orders to customers all over Austria, whilst Thomas works hard to load and unload HGVs whatever the weather or temperature.

Anita is responsible for managing logistics and keeps a constant eye on the movement of goods. She precisely checks and commissions incoming goods and authorises their delivery once everything is in shape.

Quick schedule information, flexibility with last-minute plans and a precise and up-to-date overview of deliveries are important parts of the delivery service.

Each of these employees bears great responsibility, not only when it comes to secure transport, but also as STOBAG brand ambassadors.

Nowadays, most jobs are processed digitally through the STOBAG STORE. Logistics employees on the other hand have regular direct contact with customers.

Advantages of a relationship

Our trade partners value personal support. Robert knows each trade partner’s individual features, from their opening times to their storage areas for safely unloaded STOBAG products.

Deliveries are made directly to STOBAG’s specialist retailers, although the items can be delivered straight to the site on request. This means that the trade partner can focus completely on the assembly, as STOBAG delivers the goods, safely, reliably and exactly at the agreed time.

Robert has completed this week’s tour of Austria, but he’ll be doing it all over again next week.

I just can't wait to get on the road again!