The manufacturing of a STOBAG product consists of a supply chain with several stations and participants. Therefore, longer delivery times may occur when ordering a STOBAG product. You may have to wait several weeks or, in exceptional cases, more than a month to receive your STOBAG product.

Why are there delays in delivery times?

Our industry is very seasonal. This means that the demand for weather/sun protection is highest during the hotter months from Spring to late Fall. Three quarters of our orders are received during this time.

Every new product is developed and researched during an intensive and long process. Depending on the complexity of a product, this can take one to two years. After successful implementation of the prototype it is subjected to a thorough test phase before it is ready for sale. Before the production of each new product, the peak demand before the season is determined. In addition to the new products, the requirements of the existing products in the range are also examined. The projected sales volume for the coming year is discussed in close cooperation with the responsible departments (product management, worldwide subsidiaries). This assessment by product model and sales market is based, for example, on the sales figures of the previous year or predecessor model. However, it is possible that these assessments influence purchasing behavior through new product models and marketing measures of other brands as well as through economic changes in one region, making the forecast in one's own market more difficult because they are not based solely on empirical values (market trends, studies, weather).

Based on the estimates in the various sales countries for all product models of the entire product range - existing and new products - the total expected sales volume is projected. Accordingly, we order all raw materials and components from our suppliers. If possible, semi-finished products are already pre-produced in the off-season. Since every STOBAG product is a make-to-order product according to customer requirements, no complete products can be pre-produced. Each product is produced to measure, in the desired frame color, fabric color, fabric quality and other order-related options. Even with a simple, classic folding arm awning, there are over 4.3 billion possible configuration variants. The variety of possible designs is enormous, as the awning can be ordered in millimeter dimensions, in over 800 different fabric designs and 1000 frame colors. In addition, there are the various options for each product.

How long does it take to manufacture a STOBAG product in the factory?

The actual production time depends strongly on the product model and design, as the configuration variants are extremely varied. While a classic awning can be assembled with the desired fabric and in the desired frame color in ten days, a more complex product, such as a glass roof with a high degree of individualization, may require four to six weeks. This does not include delivery bottlenecks on the part of suppliers such as aluminium subcontractors.

How long will delivery from the STOBAG factory to a STOBAG specialist partner take?

The production location is crucial here. Depending on the market and product model, the product is manufactured in one of our five production facilities. While the majority of our orders are produced in Switzerland at our main site in Muri/AG, the North and South American markets are supplied from Brazil and Canada. Selected products are produced in Hungary or Germany, depending on the model.

If the conditions are optimal - production in Switzerland and specialist partners in Switzerland - the product can be delivered to the specialist partner within a few hours. If a product has to be delivered by truck to a dealer within Europe, delivery can take up to one week (varies by route and country). After delivery, the ordered product is temporarily stored at the specialist partner until the latter assembles the product at the end customer. The STOBAG specialist partner is also forced into the seasonal business and must plan the assembly on site accordingly, taking into account the delivery date and own capacity.

Despite excellent planning, why can long delivery times still occur?

The most common reason for this is that a product is suddenly extremely popular. This may be due to winning a product award such as the RedDot Design Award and/or that the previous assessment of demand was too low. It is also possible that important suppliers such as aluminium manufacturers have a supply bottleneck due to the high demand. The excess demand exceeds the number of awnings in production planning and production is no longer meeting demand. The entire supply chain is delayed because suppliers' components have to be pre-ordered.

This is why it is possible that the moment a STOBAG product is ordered, the supply chain is already overloaded and the delivery period is therefore longer than normal.

How can you avoid this?

By getting competent advice and ordering from a STOBAG specialist partner in Fall/Winter, i.e. in the off-season. Utilization is lower in the off-season and delivery time is usually less critical during these months. Furthermore, it should be noted that the consulting time before the selected product is chosen takes a certain amount of time. This requires at least two weeks.

When ordering in the off-season, the product is ready for use in the required season/time when the heat and UV rays are strongest.