Awnings: custom-made climate control.

STOBAG high quality awning fabrics offer excellent protection from harsh UV rays.  Light-coloured fabrics filter at least 90% and dark fabrics can filter up to 100% of the harmful rays.

#1 Sun Awning
Outdoor sun awnings catch the heat and prevent it from entering the building. STOBAG façade awnings offer perfect protection against heat and prying eyes. The insulating air cushion between the awning fabric and the window provides effective heat protection. No conservatory should be without roof shading. To ensure that your «glass oasis» does not turn into a greenhouse, STOBAG offers custom-made shading and privacy protection for roofs and vertical areas. Via an automatic system, the awning can also be extended when you are not at home.  This stops the paving stones in the garden seating area from heating up.

#2 Airing out rooms
Ventilate at night: During heat spells, the outdoor temperature doesn't go down until the early hours of the morning and are at their lowest just before sunrise.  It is then when the house should be well ventilated (Vertical transverse flow system or fans).

#3 Turning of appliances
Appliances off: Switch off appliances and lamps that are not being used.  This reduces internal heat production. When buying new or replacement products, choose energy-saving products, which do not lose as much heat.

#4 Fan
Fan: Summer heat can also be alleviated by the circulation of air: Ceiling, room or table fans supply you with cool air. In exceptional circumstances, for just a few days a year this is a useful, relatively cheap, energy-saving option.  You need 20 to 50 times less electricity than when you use air conditioning.

#5 Cooling
And last but not least: Cold drinks, light summer clothes or a refreshing shower make the summer heat more bearable.